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Prom Body Frontman Back With New Music

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If you happened to be around the west coast's garage rock revival back in the early 2010s, then I'm sure you know of Tucson's Prom Body. Their 2014 high energy scuzz-rock album Naughty by Natural is still as Tucson as it gets and deserves a place in your record collection.

With that being said...

Prom Body frontman Michael Fay recently released his fifth album from his solo project, Pollution Salute, called Happy You're Here. The mostly instrumental work builds upon seemingly quirky soundscapes while slightly exposing the darker underbelly hare and there—a bit like old Broken Social Scene demos meets The Rentals, in the best of ways.

The album's opening track, Lazyboy Recliner, is an infectious down and dirty ditty building on a drum loop ala Tony Basil's Hey Mickey, using a hypnotic drone to progress the song and then follows it up with a blown out fuzz bass and spacey one-key keyboard melodies.

Songs like No Fear of Big Dogs was made for the Mac Demarco lover in you—tasty guitar arpeggios that switch from augmented to diminished, yet flow together effortlessly in a wash of reverb and chorus. Others tracks like Dog Is My Co-Pilot sound like an early Kraftwork throwback by building on top of various synth sounds while still leaving a lot of open space. The final track Everybody Gets A Trophy gets major props for it's opening John Carpenter vibes that cut into funky dystopian 80s breakdown.

Happy You're Here is a great example of a creative piece of work that doesn't take itself too seriously. It's perfect to throw on while social distancing with friends this summer.

Check out Happy You're Here by Pollution Salute by clicking here.

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