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Doxy Lamine release "Precarious Time" EP

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As the name suggests, the new release Precarious Time was written during great changes for the members of Tucson rock band Infinite Beauties, or, more accurately, Doxy Lamine. Consisting of two of the three members of Infinite Beauties, Doxy Lamine recorded Precarious Time with Matt Rendon of Midtown Island Studios and Jim Waters of Waterworks Recordings.

“The process and inspiration for writing was often inspired by what was in front of me or within my surroundings, such as books, television and relationships,” said writer and singer Adam Lopez. “Then I would edit and squeeze words in where it would be appropriate. The finished product sounded and felt like a separate entity than what we had before, so I used a pseudonym ‘Doxy Lamine’ which I have used in the past and it felt appropriate for this project.” 

Precarious Time’s most obvious difference from Infinite Beauties’ album Get Up Morning is an embrace of pop music in multiple ways. Whereas Get Up Morning is a spacious and occasionally sparse fusion of folk and rock, nearly every song on Precarious Time features multiple vocal layers – both male and female – and stronger melodies. The songs are less meandering than their predecessors, and even leave room for flute flourishes and catchier hooks.

Precarious Time also makes room for emotional diversity. While Get Up Morning focuses on human struggles, such as the songs "Tower of Life According to AL" and "Into Denali," the latter of which mentions Into The Wild subject Chris McCandless, Precarious Time jumps from humor in "Western Doctor" to hope in "Just A Dream" to philosophical conundrums in “You Belong To God."

While each release features impressionistic lyrics celebrating both nature and humanity, the accessible song structures of Precarious Time lend themselves to easier understanding. Simply put, Precarious Time is a lush EP that improves on a few of the weaknesses found in Get Up Morning. From jangly guitar lines to doo-wop-inspired vocal melodies, Precarious Time is an uplifting collection of songs about an uncertain world.

Listen to Precarious Time on Infinite Beauties/Doxy Lamine’s bandcamp

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