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Romero Wins Tucson's Mayoral Primary, Advances to General Election

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click to enlarge Looks like Tucson City Councilwoman Regina Romero is the Democratic candidate for mayor.
Looks like Tucson City Councilwoman Regina Romero is the Democratic candidate for mayor.
Tucson City Councilmember Regina Romero has won the three-way Democratic primary for mayor of Tucson, overpowering former state lawmaker Steve Farley and downtown developer Randi Dorman.

Greeted by cheers of si se puede! inside a packed American Eat Co., where Romero hosted an election night watch party, she thanked the people who helped on her campaign.

"I'm so proud of the campaign we had because nobody gets to this point without all of you; nobody does," she said. "We first started knowing it would be a difficult road but we said our campaign is going to be people powered, and it is."

Romero thanked the other candidates and spoke to her desire to bring together the Democratic party.

"The door is open to unify the Democratic party... because when we are united we are most powerful and I want to keep supporting the other candidates," she said.  "I open the door to continue working with all of you."

Romero called her 12 years serving on council and the Democratic nomination the "privilege of my life," and will continue to keep her vision strong in the upcoming general election.

"The vision will take us on to November, the vision of moving the City of Tucson to the next level of progress and prosperity, to continue working for equality and equity and inclusivity," she said.

Romero captured 49 percent of the vote compared to Farley's 38 percent.

"We came up a little short," Farley said in a concession speech at the Arizona Inn. He thanked his supporters and endorsed Romero's campaign.

Downtown developer and Political newcomer Randi Dorman was in third, with 12 percent of the vote.

No Republican is running in the November general election, but advertising executive Ed Ackerley is running as an independent.

In the four-way Democratic primary in Ward 1, Lane Santa Cruz led with 43 percent of the vote. Following her are Rob Elias (22 percent), Miguel Ortega (20 percent) and Sami Hamed (15 percent).

Santa Cruz stood beside Romero before the shoulder-to-shoulder crowd for the unveil of the first results. Romero congratulated her and commended her for staying true to her principals.

"Lesson for everybody: do not underestimate the moms," Santa Cruz said. "I'm feeling super proud and have so much gratitude, because we did not do this alone. We still have the generals to get to but its bringing us closer to that just world that we all fight for."

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