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Know Your Product - Arm's Reach

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Branded as Arizona Hardcore, Arm's Reach is an apt name for this intense five-piece. Out of Phoenix, their music indeed sounds close enough to grab you. Jairus's vocals are aggressive, almost animalistic, but this doesn't stop the guitar and drums from occasionally reaching tech-death levels of complexity. Their newest release, a self-titled album released this April, fits as much punch in less than 10 minutes as many hardcore punk bands hope to achieve across multiple LPs. Arizona Hardcore is correct, this kind of power can only come from extreme heat.

See Arm's Reach with Hellhook at Club Congress. 7 p.m. Tuesday, July 16. 311 East Congress. Street 16+ $10-15.

Dead Kennedys Give me Convenience or Give Me Death
I grew up jamming the Dead Kennedys with my uncle and they've always been a huge influence for me musically. Lyrically they brought up a lot of political issues and the overall apathy that so many people have toward the lower class, minorities, and other various people groups with less privilege. They were also very creative and great at their instruments. – Brandon (Guitar)

Cro-Mags Age of Quarrel
The riffs on that record inspired me immensely as a teen. Changed me and the way I looked at hardcore forever. It's a record that has since stayed in my rotation. – Jorge (Guitar)

Always the Hard Way
Finding that record my freshman year of high school, I found every song was an angry fast anthem full of raw energy. In my opinions it's underrated, heavy and still holds up. – Steven (Bass)

Have Heart The Things We Carry
Although positive lyrics are typically not something I enjoy, The Things We Carry was a pivotal record for me as a 16-year-old. It taught me that music can stand for something more than just words on a page. – Jairus (Vocals)

Violence Violence To me, this is a perfect record. The emotions it taps into are unmatched. As a drummer, I fell in love with the intensity and rawness of it. It has had a huge impact on shaping what hardcore and punk means to me. – Josh (Drums)

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