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Picks of the Dragon: Playoff Picks, NFL Week 2

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click to enlarge Tyler is back with another week of picks - KELLY RASHKA
Kelly Rashka
Tyler is back with another week of picks
Editor's Note: The Weekly gave sales rep Tyler Vondrak a hypothetical $100 to wager on the NFL playoff season. Last week, Vondrak went undefeated, winning three games and tying in the fourth, leaving him with a grand total of $175.49 to wager this week. Here are his picks.

Indianapolis Colts at Kansas City Chiefs
Line: Chiefs -5.5
Pick: Colts +5.5
Bet: $60 to win $52.17

Colts had a dominant performance last week on both sides of the ball and are looking like the best team in the NFL. We got an offensive line giving Luck plenty of time to do what he wants, Mack running the ball like a maniac, and a defense that has been suffocating. They are going to need it this week going into Arrowhead stadium. Patrick Mahomes is having the season of a lifetime but this is the playoffs and history hasn’t been kind to first timers. That, coupled up with a third string running back, a defense that has trouble stopping anybody, and Andy Reid’s postseason track record, has me grabbing 5.5 points all day.

Dallas Cowboys at Los Angeles Rams
Line: Rams -7
Pick: Cowboys +7
Bet: $40 to win $36.36

The first half of the season the Rams looked like they could demolish any team they came across but down the stretch they have been anything but impressive against the Vegas line. Cowboys haven’t been anything to write home about on the road either, but we are talking about a game in Los Angeles where half the stadium could easily be fans of “America’s team.” That, along with a weak run defense from the Rams and an elite running back in Elliott, has me thinking that they can keep it close if not win outright. Give me a touchdown buffer and we will see how it plays out.

Los Angeles Chargers at New England Patriots
Line: Patriots -4
Pick: Patriots -4
Bet: $50 to win $45.45

When I first saw this line I wanted to jump all over the Chargers but then I came back down to Earth. No need to overthink this one. So much going for the Pats; Bye week, cold weather, Gillette stadium, Brady, better coach, and enough experience in this situation has me saying Rivers will be at home to welcome his ninth child.

Philadelphia Eagles at New Orleans Saints
Line: Saints -8
Pick: 7-point, 4-team teaser (Saints -1, Colts +12.5, Cowboys +14, Patriots +3)
Bet: $25.49 to win $50.98

This game, out of all of them, has me the most nervous. Foles is back in form and could do God knows what with the football. However, I just can’t see them beating a excellent Saints team with a veteran QB, two elite running backs, and a Top 3 wide receiver. Saints defense hasn’t been anything to shake a stick either this year. With the Eagles' secondary depleted, I think they will get exposed, but 8 points is a little rich in a postseason game. I’ll take my other likes this week tease them 7 points to win a cool $50.

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