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Picking Up Where I Left Off — Though Less Frequently

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The problem was, after declaring in November I was hanging up my blogging hat ("Pretty much, anyway," I added in the headline, just in case) and I had a no-pressure month during which I enjoyed the freedom from deadlines and putting the right words in the right order, I found myself reading something and thinking, "OK, I have to write about that." Then I remembered, "Nope, you can't." I shrugged and moved on. Still, I kept adding new links to my long list of stories I might want to write about. Old habits die hard.

I interrupted my blogging hiatus in December to post about the TUSD decision to get rid of the Freedom Center-created high school course, Ethics, Economy, and Entrepreneurship, for good and all. I mean, I wrote the piece that brought the course to the public's attention, so I should be the guy who writes about its demise. However, the course is still being taught in three local school districts, so the battle isn't over.

Meanwhile, stories about charter problems in Arizona and around the country kept popping up on my desktop, along with items about curriculum, federal spending on education and bills proposed for the new state legislative session. Since I stopped blogging two months ago, I added more than fifty new entries to my list of links.

The tips of my fingers began itching. My keyboard beckoned. So I'm back.

But I've decided, instead of a steady output of two to four posts a week, I'll post on a "Need to write" basis — only when I say to myself, "I really  need to write about this." Right now that sounds like once a week, maybe twice a week if the spirit moves me.

That means it'll be harder to find my posts among the steady stream of postings on The Range. If you're a Regular Range Rover (Nice turn of phrase. Maybe I should trademark it), that's no problem. But if you mainly drop by to look for my posts, it can be an issue.

One solution is to bookmark my page on the Weekly which lists all my posts starting with the most recent. You can check occasionally to see if I've posted something new. Also, I usually link to my posts of Facebook or Twitter, so you might find them there. Or if you know how to create an RSS feed (I've never done it, so you'll get no help from me), you can get an email notification when I post something new.

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