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BENNUVAL! Stories of Science and Space

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Traveling since Sept. 2016, OSIRIS-REx is arriving at Bennu, the carbonaceous astroid it was sent to collect a sample from two years ago. To laud its mission, the UA College of Humanities is launching with BENNUVAL!, an "out-of-this-world family-friendly variety show."

This show is to celebrate OSIRIS-REx's arrival to Bennu, as well as explore the "spirit of human curiosity" that drives missions like this. The spirit that "extends across human history and also unites different fields of study, from the sciences to the humanities."

“Human cultures have always looked to the stars as they sought answers about the meaning of life,” College of Humanities Dean Alain-Philippe Durand wrote in a UA press release. “The names from those stories and myths are now the names of the planets, stars, asteroids, and the space missions that go to explore them. The study of humanities and human cultures has always been closely intertwined with the scientific search for answers about our world. Dante Lauretta is an inspiring representation of that connection.”

Local musicians, artists, and special guests like Dante Lauretta and other UA professors will delve into stories that will "share the myths and stories that inspired the names of the space missions and asteroids."

Lauretta's “TED-style talk” will explore the origin of life, as well as the importance of asteroids (like Bennu and Ryugu). With the help of a presentation from UA Egyptologist, Lauretta will also distinguish the ties between the mission of OSIRIS REx to the Egyptian god, Osiris and the deity Bennu. Also see the latest images OSIRIS Rex.

Described in the release as "A true variety show, BENNUVAL! will also feature Emmy Award-winning host Geoff Notkin, improv comedy from Unscrewed Theater, readings of space poetry the UA Poetry Center, music from ChamberLab composer Chris Black, and performances by the renowned acrobatic ensemble Flam Chen."

The event will be held at the Fox Theatre, 17 W. Congress St., Dec. 1 at 6pm.

Regular admission is $10 and $6 for students with a CatCard.

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