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Reaction to the Death of U.S. Sen. John McCain

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Meghan McCain remembers her father, Sen. John McCain, who died yesterday at age 81.

Sen. Jeff Flake remembers his fellow Arizona senator:
And now, in a way that would probably have him making wisecracks, we are wistful for John McCain. We may never see his like again, but it is his reflection of America that we need now more than ever. He was far too self-deprecating to ever have thought of himself as just such a towering figure, so I will go ahead and say it. He showed us who we are and who we can be when we are at our best. And he devoted his life to service and to the exalted idea of America that was bigger and better than him. Bigger than us all. His fidelity to that idea, and his idealism in balancing fierce political battles with a determination to always see the good and find the humanity in his opponents is an example that transcended politics and made him the man that he was.

As I got up to leave that day, he said, 'The doctors tell me I’m halfway there.' He paused. 'The more I see this end coming, the more I am grateful for what I have.'

Today, I am grateful for John McCain. I’m grateful for the long and meaningful miles he traveled, and for having the privilege of having traveled just a few of those miles with him.
Gov. Doug Ducey's tribute:

Southern Arizona Congresswoman and U.S. Senate candidate Martha McSally pays her respects:

John McCain was one of Arizona’s greatest Senators, one of our country’s finest statesmen, and an American hero who risked his life to defend this great nation. He loved this state, and he loved this country. I pray that God comforts Cindy and the entire McCain family. My heart is with them, and Arizona grieves with them.
From Maricopa County Congresswoman Krysten Sinema, who will likely face McSally in November:

Arizona will never be the same. Senator McCain, may you rest in peace, and may comfort come to your family. May comfort come to all of us who grieve this loss to our great country. You are a statesman, a patriot, and our Arizona hero.

John McCain’s legacy will continue for generations to come. His commitment to our country, to the pursuit of freedom and truth, and to the values we hold most dear as Americans, have been an inspiration to us all.

Senator John McCain’s mark on our country will never fade. Thank goodness.
President Donald Trump extends condolences to McCain's family without saying anything about McCain himself.
From Barack Obama, the former U.S. president who defeated McCain to win the White House in 2008:

From Capt. Mark Kelly, the former astronaut and husband of Gabby Giffords:

John McCain was an iconic figure, so singular and memorable I imagined he might live forever. In my community of men and women known as Naval Aviators, he was larger than life. I knew who John McCain was since I first even allowed myself to imagine being a pilot. Everyone knows launching and landing a jet aircraft from a ship in the middle of the ocean is famously difficult. It takes the word excitement to the next level. But the excitement is only part of it: service – and the willingness to sacrifice—for country is the motivation of every man and woman who does it. John McCain defined service, as a naval aviator and in every role he took on for his country.

As young pilots in SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape School) we learned what John McCain endured. To many of us, the potential for capture and torture seemed worse than death itself. We prayed it would never happen, but if it did, we prayed for strength like John McCain’s. John spent over five long years in a prison in Hanoi, but neither fate, nor the presence of great evil, could break him.

Because of his injuries, John's first career as a pilot was over. But he wasn’t a quitter, and he never gave up - that wasn’t in his DNA. Over a long career, John McCain simply did what he was called to do: make this country a better place. As a member of the House and later as a Senator, John McCain served in a unique and authentic style. He was his own man. He didn’t model himself after anyone who came before him. As he endured in the Hanoi Hilton, he endured in Congress - he didn’t comply or conform. As Congress and our politics became more partisan, John worked across the aisle and put our country ahead of party. He became a leader on issues such as immigration, campaign finance reform, and national security.

I have only encountered a few true heroes in my life, but John McCain was one of them. That he became a friend is one of the greatest privileges of my life. John will be missed by Arizona. He will be missed by this nation. And whether or not you agreed with his votes, we can all agree that Senator John McCain gave his all for the country that he loved. Thank you Senator McCain. Thank you for your service. Thank you for your sacrifice. But most of all, thank you for never giving up and for a lifetime of hard work for the people of Arizona and the people of this great nation.
From Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick, who lost to McCain in 2016 and who is now running for Southern Arizona's District 2 congressional seat:

On this day, our country grieves the loss of Senator John McCain —
one of our country's great leaders of our time.

All of the powerful actions and influential words of Senator McCain's career boil down to a simple phrase: country first. Like his fathers before him, Senator McCain dedicated his life's work to defending and enhancing our democracy.

Senator McCain pushed aside partisan politics when it challenged the constitutional process and our American values. He may have been my toughest opponent at one time, however his respect and dedication to public service and his love for Arizona, is something I strongly admire.

Our country, and our great state of Arizona, was lucky to have him represent us. Roger and I send our sincere condolences and love to his dedicated wife Cindy and their seven children.

Rest in peace, Maverick

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