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World Cup 2018: Rooting for the Underdogs

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With the US national team not playing in the World Cup, you are probably wondering which team you should root for, well I have an option for you.

Iceland-The Underdog

The Vikings are ready to make history, playing in the World Cup for the first time, a country of a population of 348,580 (Tucson, by comparison, has a population of 530,706), being the smallest country to ever participate in the tournament.

Before becoming assistant manager in 2011, Heimir Hallgrimsson was a dentist in his village.

This team has now become famous for the ‘Viking War Chant’, their signature move with their fans at the end of every match.

One of their biggest moments was when an Icelandic commentator lost it after Iceland beat Austria in the 2016 UEFA EURO Cup when they moved forward in the tournament.

Iceland got into the semifinals by winning against England in 2016 but sadly lost to France.

Sports are all about the little team who made it and that is what Iceland did in the last Eurocup, getting further than teams like Spain, Italy, and Germany.

So do not count them out, it may be their first time in a competition in the World Cup but they may surprise you.

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