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Laughing Stock: Quiñones' Creeper Rides High

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Laughing Stock: Quiñones' Creeper Rides High
Frankie Quiñones is at Laff's on June 3.

Best known for the breakout “Cholofit” videos on his YouTube channel “The Funny Drop,” San Francisco comedian Frankie Quiñones comes to Laff’s Comedy Caffe on Sunday, June 3, courtesy of, Chad Lehrman’s new website promoting our town’s expanding comedy scene.

Quiñones’ stand-up set inspired Saturday Night Live auteur Lorne Michaels to recruit him to the Más Mejor lineup of Michaels’ production company, Broadway Video. “The Funny Drop” chronicles the cholo life of Creeper, a cross between Noel Gugliemi, Richard Simmons and Mister Rogers.

“Creeper's a positive character,” says Quiñones. “A lot of times cholo culture is associated with gangbangers, but (Creeper is) trying to get people safe, to get in touch with their spirit.”

A cholo's look may represent a legacy of badassery, but Quiñones says that in real life, they take care of their families and communities. Their vehicle of choice is the low rider; their language is a kind of Spanglish version of hip hop flow. And the lifestyle has spread wide from its Southwestern U.S. origins. “In Japan it's huge,” Quiñones says, recalling his tour stops there. “They have a whole cholo culture. They embrace the whole low-rider scene.”

Creeper and other Quiñones characters, like the popular Juanita Carmelita, are based on his family. As himself, he’s appeared on Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, and Funny Or Die.

“Standup is my first love,” Quiñones says. “I've been doing (it) for 11 years, but now I come onstage three times. I do my standup as myself, and then I come up as Juanita and the Creeper.”

The show is at 7 p.m., Sunday, June 3; age 21+. Tickets are $20 via or at 520-247-0988. There’s a two-item minimum.

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