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Tour Diaries! XIXA Day 4: Rock 'n' Roll Tuning Tricksters

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Check in daily to keep track of XIXA's on-the-road shenanigans—the dirt, grime, and glory, and all the hangovers and warts—from the Tucson band's current Bloodline swing through Germany, France, Italy, the Czech Republic and beyond. Today's entry by Jason Urman.

Sunday, July 16:

The first show of a Europe tour always has its intrigue, especially at a festival. Limited time generally leads to a frantic load-in and quick line check. Then bam! You're on.

n the confusion, sometimes you miss things. In my case, I fell victim to an old rock 'n' roll trick that while amusing, is most problematic. My NORD Electro 3 synth had been tuned down half a step, most likely by the previous user. Guess who plays the melody on the first song of the set?

Live music, baby.

-Jason Urman
| Berlin, DE

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