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Laughing Stock: Tom Green Is Cooler Than You. Also Lots Funnier.

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Tom Green’s 1968 Oldsmobile Cutlass may have more fans than you do on Instagram. It’s just another credential of his cool. But the latest is this one: The day after his April 6 stand-up performance at the Rialto Theatre, his first horror film, Bethany opens in theaters throughout the US. Co-staring Zack Ward and Shannon Doherty. Check out the previews; we never knew how seriously creepy straight he could be!

Green hits highlights of his backstory throughout his set of twisted, often ridiculous and ever physically-charged comedy, and he punctuates them with fan-favorite catch phrases. There was the local-access TV show in Ontario, Canada hometown, from which MTV plucked him and made him a star with The Tom Green Show and Subway Monkey Hour. There were the films, beginning with Charlie’s Angels, followed by the farcical Freddy Got Fingered, for which he also got writing and directing credits, and cult favorites Stealing Harvard and Road Trip.

A bout with testicular cancer sidelined him awhile, but MTV produced an hour-long documentary tracking his treatment and ultimate victory over the disease. A biography followed: Hollywood Causes Cancer.

Green later won a new audience of millennials by inventing the YouTube video prank, now among the format’s most popular genres. Next, he pioneered the live-streaming talk show, Tom Green’s Show Tonight, which he produced in his home and later posted to YouTube. Naturally, he was also early on board with pod casting.

In recent years, he’s fallen back in love with live audiences, now vastly larger than those he drew as a stand-up upstart at age 15. Just reading the stops on his worldwide tour is exhausting, yet he’s still multi-tasking, writing a sitcom and preparing for another movie.

Much of Green’s set draws from contrasting the technology of his youth to that available today, and the havoc the internet plays with last century’s social norms., especially concerning sex and its many metaphors. He’s also may include jabs at the current POTUS, who once fired Green on The Apprentice and, in campaign season, inspired him to create a satirical music video for Funny Or Die.

The show starts at 8 p.m., Thursday, April. 6 Tickets are $24 to $32 at the Rialto Theatre box office, 318 E. Congress, or at rialtotheatre.com.  For artist info, visit tomgreen.com.

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