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Our Last Day in D.C.

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On our last day in DC, we visited the National American Indian Museum, the Air and Space Museum, and the Lincoln Monument. We tried to go to the African American Museum of History and Culture, but it seems impossible to get tickets.

At the National Indian Museum, we saw beautiful art and read about the culture of Native people from North American and South America. We saw exhibits about past times before colonizers invaded, all the way up to the current times.

In the fall, we both went to a rally at the U of A to protest the building of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Both of us have strong feelings about that. Priscilla did a case study for school on the Standing Rock Tribe and the Pipeline. Ella is doing her science fair project on ways to clean up oil spills in water. So, the exhibit about all the Treaties between the US and the Native peoples was very interesting to us. There were many treaties between American Indian Nations and the US. The US broke most treaties/promises with the American Indian Nations. The DAPL relates to another treaty that was broken. We learned about a wampum belt that was given to the US as a symbol of the promises. The beaded belt has two ships going down two parallel rivers going down the river of life and not interfering with each.

We also saw exhibits about the Boarding Schools. The US forced many Native children to leave their villages and live in boarding schools. There was a huge picture of a boarding school in Arizona. The children were forced to speak English and to say Christian prayers. If they didn't obey, they would get physically hurt.

This museum has a lot of information, art, and interactive displays. It has a food court with every kind of food and a kid’s area with games and art you can make. You should visit this museum if you can.

We stopped for a short time at the Air and Space museum. Then we walked ALL the way to Lincoln Memorial from the Air and Space Museum so we could see the Mall at sunset and in the dark. At the Lincoln Memorial, there was a museum with quotes from Lincoln. The quotes sounded like the opposite of our current president. We talked about how we met someone after the March who looked and was dressed just like Abraham Lincoln, maybe it really was him? There were also pictures from the Civil Rights March that happened in 1963 at the Lincoln Memorial. Martin Luther King gave his famous speech here. The photos showed thousands of people at the mall and on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. This was a lot like the Womens’ March. We think there were even more people at the Women’ March. It made us feel good that we were at a March like the Civil Rights March. I'm sure we will be going to many more marches and rallies.

We are headed back to Tucson now. Thanks for reading our blog.

Ella & Priscilla

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