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Laughing Stock: Open Mics are Free, Plentiful and Worth Every Penny!

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Asked how he sees his role in Tucson Comedy, Gary Bynum, owner of Laffs Comedy Caffé says, “I think just developing the local comics is important in the comedy scene in general. You have to start locally. Forty comics come every Thursday to open mic nights.”

Laffs, 2900 E. Broadway Blvd., has hosted open mics for 28 years. Bynum and his staff freely offer personal feedback based on their knowledge of what gets people out to see a professional comedian. If you pass muster at open mics, the club may offer you a guest slot opening for a nationally known comedian. That exposure could lead to other opportunities beyond Tucson.
The Laffs mic is the granddaddy, the pro, the three-minute set that can get an aspiring Tucson comic on the ladder to their dreams. There is literally no competition.

However, a whole lot of comics are competing for stage time, the more the better. Some have gotten busy creating free opportunities for themselves, their pals and anyone else who might enjoy a no-pressure opportunity to try out their comedy stylings. That’s lots more comedy for Tucsonans to see, if you’re out for fun and not looking for consistent high quality. Rarely, you may find someone crude. While nearly all regulars are sensitive to race, disability and animal-rights issues, a handful still struggle with representing women as people instead of, say, meat. Feel free to make your feelings known.

In the spirit of Giftmas, then, Laughing Stock(ing?) herewith presents you with the gift of free laughs throughout the month.

(starting again on Jan. 15, 2017)
915 W. Prince Road
1st and 3rd Sundays
6:30 p.m. signup, 7 p.m. show
Hosts: Rory Montserrat, Cindell Hanson

Driftwood Pub
2001 S. Craycroft Road
2nd and last Sundays
7:30 sign up, 8 p.m. show
Hosts: Matt Ziemak, Mo Urban

B.Z.’s Pizza
8838 E. Broadway Blvd.
Every Monday
7:30 p.m. signup, 8 p.m. show
Hosts: Tony Chavira, Tony Kanani Bruhn, Jon Jon, Jarrod Martin

Quality Assurance Feedback Mic
The Screening Room
127 E. Congress St.
2nd and 3rd Tuesdays
7 p.m. signup, 7:30 p.m. show
Hosts: Nick Cerami, Leland Long

Comedy at the Wench
Surly Wench Pub

424 N. Fourth Ave.
2nd Tuesdays
8:30 p.m. signup, 9 p.m. show
Hosts: Mo Urban, Roxy Merrari

Mr. Head’s
513 N. Fourth Ave.
Every Wednesday
10 p.m. signup, 10:30 p.m. show
Hosts: Pauly Casillas, Alex Kack

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