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Grand Opening: Three Wells Distilling Company Cocktail Room

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Think back to 2008. The stock market has just crashed and things you used to be able affordable, luxuries no longer an option. Well, this misfortune became reality to one man in particular. While this exact mishap happened to many back in 2008, it is what this man did in the face of adversity that is the real story.

“I was a contractor, I owned my own business for eight years. It went under with the housing market crash, but I made a lot of money during that time,” said Matt Montgomery, founder and co-owner of Three Wells Distilling Company. "I got really used to high dollar tequilas, but suddenly I couldn't afford them, so I thought ‘How hard could it be?’”
Three Wells Distilling Company was incorporated in 2013 by two men that still run the company to this day, Matt Montgomery and Chris Dudding.

“We really never expected to do anything like this,” said Montgomery.

Three Wells started off as a dream and since has grown tremendously. With a total of four spirits under their belt (Agave Silver, Sonora Copper, Sonora Silver tequilas, and Mt. Lemmon Gin), they are continuing to expand and innovate, while still maintaining the principle that all ingredients are completely Arizona born and never sourced.Not only are they innovating when it comes to their spirits, Three Wells has another trick up their sleeve.

“What we have learned being in the craft distilling industry, is that it is not so much that you open a craft distillery and people just come in and buy your booze, to get the point of where you are making enough money, we had to do something,” said Montgomery.

After much research and development, Three Wells have decided to open up a Cocktail Room.

Inspired by what other craft breweries were doing in the area, Montgomery and Dudding decided on the next step for their business. 
“The unique experience of drinking beer crafted right there, while looking at the inner workings of a craft brewery is so cool and Chris and I realized that we have the opportunity to provide folks with a similar experience at our distillery,” said Montgomery.

All cocktails that will be served during the Cocktail Room hours are made using spirits crafted right in house. In preparation for the grand opening of their Cocktail Room, they set out to create a menu full of delicious cocktails that harnessed the taste of the spirits while still providing a great taste.

Since Montgomery and Dudding are not mixologist by trade, they enlisted the help of a few friends, to create each original cocktail.

“We got a bunch of our friends together, we sat around our house and created the cocktails,” said Montgomery.

While few were created by trained mixologists from bars that carry Three Wells spirits, most were a labor of love and much trial and error.
“If you can’t taste the spirit, whats the point,” said Montgomery. “The goal in our cocktails is for the flavor of the spirit to come out.”

Three Wells will be opening the doors to the public at their Grand Opening on Saturday, Oct. 22 from 2-8 p.m. at their distillery (3780 E 44th St.) The event is open to anyone and everyone is welcome.

Three Wells is a company that strives to bring quality spirits as well as overflowing hospitality to each customer that they come in contact with. If it isn't the smooth and strong cocktails that keep customers coming back, the smiling faces and meaningful interactions will have people lining up to come back week after week. 
Happy Hour for the cocktail room will be on Thursdays from 4-7 p.m. and Fridays from 4-8 p.m. While these are the only cocktail hours currently, as they see their business grow, the hours of operation will correlate.

Three Wells Distilling Company has strived to provide the best spirits from locally grown products such as the prickly pear, or juniper berries. They set themselves apart with their attention to detail and inviting atmosphere. If they continue with these ideals, they are sure to be successful for many years to come.

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