Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Social Media Takeover

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It seems like everyone one you see today is glued to a phone or laptop. Many people don't even realize how absent they are from reality because they are constantly checking their Facebook feeds, sending out a quick Tweet at dinner or editing an Instagram photo for hours on end. 

But the question is, are there actually any benefits to "social media" addiction? 

It's all opinion. Many people would probably agree that the overuse of social media today is worrying—but that doesn't mean it isn't (or can't be) an asset to society.

Social media does have a lot of benefits because it allows people to connect and share ideas instantly, while also helping people make connections, from business contacts to new friends. It seems like the pros and cons of social media use are pretty much even —partially because it doesn't seem like people use social media to its full potential. 

I read an article the other day that explained exactly how social media is beneficial to society, especially for bloggers and journalists, because it is used as a therapeutical outlet for many people, and it really did open up my perspective on the ongoing issue in society. There were a few points in the article that really stood out to me and helped shape my own opinion about the ongoing issue:
  • Blogging helps people feel more connected with users online and serves as a therapeutical device to help people feel safe and supported.
  • Blogging and social media use is a significant factor in overall happiness.
  • Social media acts a a "unifier" and brings people together by making communities and individuals with similar interests more aware and connected to the outside world. 
  • Social media platforms serve as social and business circles.
On the other hand, the article also listed some cons that I definitely think should be taken into account:
  • The overuse of social media can cause "narcissistic tendencies in teens," and could lead to depression and anxiety. 
  • Using Facebook, or a similar platform, can cause social problems and could be detrimental to a person's real human interaction.
  • Social media use can have a negative effect on learning abilities, especially in high school and college students.

    I think this article gave a great viewpoint on the effects social media has on young adults who do not use it for the right reasons. I do believe if people take the right approach to social media and use it as a personal outlet or to build business connections, it can really benefit them in the long run. 

    Social media is always evolving, and will continue to increase as the years go on. After all, many successful bloggers and business owners started online and grew from their online connections. It's all about being smart, choosing how you spend your time online wisely and not allowing the Internet to completely "takeover" your life. If you're doing that, then you're on the right track.

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