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Cinema Clips: White Girl

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Leah (Morgan Saylor), a college student in New York City, is moving into a new apartment. She meets a drug dealer (Brian ‘Sene’ Marc) who she really likes, and gets mixed up in some bad stuff with him. Meanwhile, she’s doing an internship at an ad agency where her boss (Justin Bartha) calls her into the office and, well, there’s trouble in the boss’s office, too, and it involves drugs and his pants.

Basically, this girl can’t do anything right, and when her drug dealer boyfriend gets arrested, she finds herself doing all kinds of stuff to help him out involving drugs and man-pants.

Writer-director Elizabeth Wood makes a film that feels like Larry Clark’s Kids, in that nothing good seems to ever happen to the teenaged protagonist; the bad juju just keeps piling on. It gets a little tedious to watch at times. Saylor is good as the girl with serious issues before the semester starts, while Bartha scores as the dick boss who should stay away from the interns. Chris Noth shows up as an attorney who seems helpful, but really just wants to get paid.

Parents, this one will have you seriously reconsidering that idea of letting your college aged kids live off campus. Well, actually, shit gets pretty unreal in the dorms, too.

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