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Quick Bites: Calling All Awesome Teens! (Also, Parents of Awesome Teens)

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Hey, kids! Stay in school! Say no to drugs! Get involved in your community!
Seriously—we hope you do all those things.

But if you’re a young person reading this particular blurb in this particular alternative newspaper, you’re probably pretty precocious, so you already do them. Since this is the Chow section, you’re probably interested in food, and since this is a progressive paper, you’re probably cool with conservation. And since you took the initiative to read this, maybe you’re a take-action kind of person. (If you’re a parent of such a person, read on—pretend we’re addressing your kid[s].)

So let’s switch tactics and ask some questions:

Are you between the ages of 12 and 18? Self-driven? Outdoorsy? Passionate about food, health, sustainability, adventure and other wholesome-but-exciting stuff like that?

In that case, we have a great opportunity for you: Join Tucson Village Farm’s award-winning 4-H Healthy Living Ambassadors program, which promotes healthy living, leadership, sustainability, outdoor adventures and more. You can get in on projects revolving around nutrition, cooking, local food production—even beekeeping.

Not only will your participation in this program look amazing on your college application—you’ll also have fun, since it involves meeting new people, traveling and getting trained in new skill s… for free.

Tucson Village Farm is a “seed-to-table” urban farm that helps connect young people (you!) to a healthy food system, and teaches them (you!) how to grow and prepare your own food. It’s an empowerment thing. Who doesn’t want to be thusly empowered? (Hint: The adult writing this column does … and she wishes this program were around when she was 12–18.) Don’t waste this chance!

Apply by Saturday, Sept. 24. 

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