Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Tucson Sentinel Unearths Treasure Trove of Ally Miller's Emails That Demonstrate She's a Big Fat Liar

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Dylan Smith at the Tucson Sentinel has got his hands on a whole bunch of the emails that Pima County Supervisor Ally Miller keeps insisting do not exist—and he presents a damning case of an elected official driven by paranoia and a weird rage. The central takeaways:

The hundreds of documents provided, along with those previously released by former staff, show that:

Miller has continued her longstanding practice of routinely using personal emails, Facebook and text messages to direct her staff.

Miller has directed her employees to avoid using county email accounts or computers to carry out many of their duties.

Miller scripts her radio appearances, working with a host to plot out precise language for questions and answers.

Miller's staffers have reviewed drafts of purportedly "independent" blog posts prior to their being published.

Miller worked with the Goldwater Institute to prompt a lawsuit over the county's World View deal, despite publicly denying doing so.
It's easy to see why Miller did not want to turn over the emails, as they reveal Miller to be a lying looney-toon who thinks Pima County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry has planted bugs in her walls. (Also, she evidently doesn't like me very much, probably because I was warning voters about her bullshit back when she was running for office in 2012 and continued writing stories like this about her.)

But not turning over the emails didn't mean they wouldn't come out; it just meant that she now finds herself under investigation by the Arizona Attorney General's Office for refusing to follow Arizona public-records law.

Huge kudos to Smith's ongoing work to expose Miller for the terrible public servant that she is. (I've been trying to get ahold of those emails myself, but there's a giant backlog at the County Clerk's Office because Miller has submitted her own public records request for thousands of pages of Huckelberry's emails in an effort to prove that he's the one who is orchestrating this whole story. (She probably thinks he stole her strawberries, too.) 

Seriously, Republicans in District 1: This woman needs help, but not at the ballot box. You really ought to consider voting for her GOP opponent, John Winchester.

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