Wednesday, February 3, 2016

It's About Time: UN Committee Says Abortion is a Human Right

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Pro-choice supporters, feminists and generally good people everywhere are rejoicing a little extra today. Why? Because a UN committee declared abortion a human right. 

According to, a woman from Peru called "K.L." filed a complaint to the United Nations Human Rights Committee after the Peruvian government wouldn't allow her to get a "medically indicated" abortion back in 2001, even though she was only 17 years old, and even though her fetus would never develop a brain and die due to anencephaly, an extremely rare and fatal birth defect.

It's a valid argument that K.L. should have been able to get an abortion solely for this reason. Actually, according to HuffPost, she really should have been—Peruvian law permits medically indicated abortions when the mother's life is at risk. 

Medically-powered reasonings aside, K.L. should have been granted the right to an abortion for the sake of her own emotions. Can you imagine nurturing something for months and months, knowing the entire time it will die—not maybe, not if. K.L. went into a deeply depressive state after her baby passed away at only four days old. Is that really a surprise? 

Withholding the reproductive rights of K.L. was inhumane, unethical. She probably would have faced emotional strife even if the government did allow her to go through with an abortion. Forcing a woman to give birth to a soul that's practically already dead isn't right, ever. 

With the UN's new proclamation, though, the future looks bright—maybe women won't need to fight claw and nail to make their own reproductive decisions. Abortion is a human right. Deal with it. 

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