Friday, September 25, 2015

The Arizona Commerce Authority May Have Gotten Carried Away While It Was Sharing the Good News

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Yesterday I posted about Arizona's new slogan, or non-slogan according to Ducey's press secretary, "AZ-AWESOME: why arizona rocks." The phrase, which comes from the Arizona Commerce Authority, may be getting off to a rocky start, according to state auditors.
State auditors are faulting the Arizona Commerce Authority for inflating the numbers they use in claiming how many jobs they helped bring to the state.
According to the audit, their job creation numbers are "based on commitments companies announce rather than the actual jobs created or capital investment made."

All that "good news" they want everyone to share appears to have a bit of smoke and mirrors mixed in. Could it be that some of the other AWESOME things mentioned in the Commerce Authority's email are a bit inflated as well?
Arizona is the best place in the entire country to live, work, play, retire, get an education, create an innovative business... the list goes on and on.

While you know that, and I know that, I encourage you to SHARE the good news with your friends, so they know what makes Arizona awesome too! 
The email, by the way, is signed "Doug."

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