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Play Video Games, Support the Community Food Bank

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Remember when playing a video game with someone meant being in the same room as them? This Saturday, the people who used to run Arcade-in-a-Box are putting on the 1st Annual Offline Multiplayer Game Festival (also known as OMGFest). The event, which will feature games such as Windjammers and NBA Jam On Fire Edition, will benefit the Community Foodbank.  
The core idea here is to get people together to play some amazing offline multiplayer games. Offline multiplayer games are games you play all sitting together in the same room. Crazy, right!? I’m sure you remember the days growing up sitting around a tiny TV playing split screen Golden Eye, Mario Kart or Halo with your buddies. That is exactly what this event is for. We want to show off new games, as well as some classics, that bring you back to a time when gaming meant laughing yourself sick in a room full of your best friends!

Our goal is to make this a fun, casual, and family event. That is why all of the proceeds from this event will be going towards the Tucson Community Food Bank. Playing great games with great people for a great cause.

That’s not all, many of the games on display will also have a tournament with great prizes. There is no additional cost to enter these tournaments. A schedule has been posted on the website to show the start times for each tournament. We have over 70 prizes to give away, so the top 6 in each tournament will win something.
There's a minimum $10 door fee, though participants are encouraged to donate more, as all proceeds will go to the Tucson Community Food Bank. 
Here's the schedule:
All games will be running for the entire 12 hours. The only time they will not be running casual free play is during their designated tournament time.

10:00 AM - OMGFest is open

11:00 AM - Bomberman Ultra Tournament Start (Playstation 3, 4 Player, Free for All)

1:00 PM - Track and Field Tournament (Arcade Emulation, 4 Players, Free for All)

2:00 PM - NBA Jam On Fire Edition (Xbox 360, 2-4 Players, 2v2 play with a human teammate or cpu)

3:00 PM - Twinkle Star Sprites (Arcade Emulation, 2 Player)
3:00 PM - Wind Jammers (Arcade Emulation, 2 Player)

4:00 PM - Towerfall Dark World (Steam PC, 4 Player, Free for All)

5:00 PM - Bushido Blade 2 (Playstation, 2 Player)

7:00 PM - Lethal League (Steam PC, 4 Player, Free for All)

8:00 PM - Get On Top (OUYA, 2 Player)

10:00 PM - OMGFest is over. Lights Out!
The event will run at the Doubletree, 445 S. Alvernon Way, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.  Check out the games and RSVP on Facebook.

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