Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Stop Procrastinating on Best of Tucson, You Fools!

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You know that intense, inescapable anxiety that comes with impending deadlines? The kind that is still stressful even when the source of the stress has temporarily been forgotten? Sometimes I'll be sitting on my couch and suddenly I'll remember that I've been worrying about ... something. The rent is due? I need to call my mother back? Perhaps its just another existential crisis? 

Well, if you've been feeling the pressure of a mysterious but looming deadline, I bet it's because you've been stressed out about finishing your Best of Tucson ballot. With the Aug. 2 deadline right around the corner, I can't blame you. These are weighty decisions. So, head over to the finalist* ballot, make sure you vote in at least 30 categories, and hit submit. Time is running out. 

*Yes, this is a ballot of finalists. In the last round of voting, you could nominate whomever you wanted or whatever categories. Now, if you want to vote in a specific category, you have to pick someone still in the running. We don't want your grump phone calls about which breakfast spots didn't make the list. It's not our fault you live in a city with a booming brunch scene.

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