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Fresh, Organic Vegetable Delivery Starts Service in Tucson

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Some people love heading out to the grocery store, farmers market or local food co-op, taking their time and picking out their healthy rations for the week. Others might not have time or just don't like doing it that much. For the latter camp, an Arizona-based grocery service has launched in Tucson that's delivering local and organic produce directly to your door.

Think of it like a modern-day milkman situation, but with fruits and veggies. Sometime in the wee hours of the morning, a box (equipped with cooling packs in hotter months) is dropped at your door by the folks at Nature's Garden Delivered and ready for you when you wake up.

The service is available for weekly, bi-monthly or one-time deliveries in a range of sizes. The smallest mixed (fruits and veggies) box is $29.95 and comes with two apples, one pound of bananas, one cucumber, two nectarines, half a pound of onions, two oranges, two peaches, one pear, eight ounces of mixed baby greens, one squash and a quarter pound of tomatoes on the vine. Other box sizes include kale, mangoes, carrots and more. 

Nature's Garden Delivered also offers just veggie or just fruit boxes, as well as locally sourced, organic oils, nut butters, eggs, dairy and more. The service even offers duck eggs from Blue Sky Farm.

Some of the Arizona farms the service sources through include:
  • Blue Sky Organic Farm
  • Arizona Organic Family Farm
  • Sunizona Organic Farm
  • Patagonia Orchards
  • Armistead Farms
  • McClendon’s Select Organic Produce
  • Duncan Family Farms
  • Maya’s Farm
  • Queen Creek Olive Mill
  • Superstition Farm
  • Taylor’s Herb Farm
For more information on the produce delivery service or to sign up, visit the Nature's Garden Delivered website

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