Friday, May 8, 2015

Let's All Look for Louise Le Hir's Guitar

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Hot off of an energetic album release show the week before and finishing up a show at Solar Culture, something really terrible happened to Louise Le Hir. Someone took her guitar from her car in the gallery's parking lot on Tuesday, May 5 and it's been missing since.

While it's an unfortunate that gear does have a tendency to get taken by low life jerks looking to make a quick buck at a pawn shop, the reason Le Hir's missing guitar sucks especially is you can't just buy a new one. Her white 1961 Gibson SG was a gorgeous, vintage instrument, sure, but it was also her father's guitar.

Mark Mason described the instrument via Facebook:

It's a '61-ish Gibson SG with "Les Paul Model" on the headstock, one mini-humbucker, wrap-around tailpiece, homebrew white paint job, and an oversized all-white pickguard. It's probably the only one remotely like it in Tucson.

So if you took it, give it back. It has sentimental value. For the rest of us, let's scour pawn shops, Craigslist and music stores until we find it. If you have any leads, you can e-mail Louise Le Hir directly.

Here are some more pictures of Le Hir and her axe:

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