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13 Questions with Casa Video's Tony Jensen Before He Retires

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After 30 years working at Casa Video, Tony Jensen is going to recommend his last movie (at least in a professional setting) on Friday, April 24. However, before he goes, we had a few questions for the long-time pillar in the Tucson movie community.

What did you do before Casa Video?
I worked on the Burlington Northern Railroad but they would lay you off for four months in the winter. One year I decided to go back to school and repair computers and VCRs.

What kept you in the movie rental business for 30 years?
I love movies and lots of patience.

Why do you think Casa survived while Blockbuster and other stores went out of business?
I think Casa Video survived because of the inventory of movies. We have over 60,000 titles—and our staff—you can come in and just have a couple of phrases from a movie and 90 percent of the time they know it. We have customers that come in and spend hours looking for a film to watch. Besides, we are a family owned business, not corporate. We care, I think, more for our customers.

Do you have a Netflix account?
What is Netflix?

What’s one movie you see rented a lot year after year that surprises you?
Ulysses With Kirk Douglas

What movie do you think people pass by at Casa that they should rent?
Blue Velvet (1986) with director David Lynch

Do you have any guilty pleasure movies? 
Romancing The Stone

Do you think you can tell something about a person by the movies they rent?
Not really. They watch just about anything they're interested in.

DVD, VHS or 35mm in a Movie Theatre?

How much was it to rent a video when you started at Casa?
$2.00 General Titles and $2.50 New Releases

What do you plan to do once you're out of the movie rental business?
Spend more time with my six kids and 14 grandkids.

Will you still rent from Casa?

What are your top five favorite films of all time?
Paint Your Wagon, Blue Velvet, The Shining, Goin' South, Mamma Mia

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