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Diane Douglas is Establishing a Committee to Review & Kill Unnecessary Regulations in Arizona's Education Code

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Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas doesn't like that the state's education code, known as A.R.S. Title 15, is 1,000-plus pages long. She's announced that she'll establish an annual committee to review the code's regulations and get rid of everything that is outdated, unnecessary or "detrimental to the work of school district and charter schools."

“The first education statutes enacted for the area now known as Arizona was under the Revised Statues & Laws of the Territory of New Mexico dated January 27, 1860. At that time Arizona was still part of the New Mexico Territory. Those statutes consisted of only ONE page,” Douglas said in a statement.  “Now, Title 15, the current 2014-2015 edition of the code, contains more than 1,000 pages. No one can reasonably claim that education has become one thousand times better as a result.”

If it hasn't had a positive effect on education, then Douglas wants it out of the code. 

She also touches on Gov. Doug Ducey's request for deregulation "to unburden the private sector to stimulate economic growth."

In the case of education, that would be the removal of allegedly useless regulations in Title 15. 

“Arizona’s education code and its associated bureaucracy has grown, although not commensurate with student achievement or student success. It’s time to make Arizona’s education code shorter, not longer," she said. “I strongly support the effort to free up more funding for classrooms, and one way to do that is to remove unnecessary burdens which force local education agencies to use vital funding for administrative costs."

The committee would be made up of school superintendents, human resources and food service workers, business managers and others "impacted by the statutes."

She's asking for applications, by the way.

From the press release:
Professionals in those areas and who are interested in participating on the committee should submit their C.V. or resume either electronically via email to the or by U.S. Postal Service to Superintendent of Public Instruction, 1535 W. Jefferson, Phoenix, Arizona, 85007. The deadline to apply is May 15, 2015, with the first meeting planned for June. Please include in the email title, or on the envelope, “Application for Title 15 review committee.”
The committee will present its findings by Dec. 1, 2015. The report will be presented to the state Legislature in the 2016 session. 

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