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Sanctuary Case: Rosa Robles Loreto's Oldest Son is Heading to DC to Fight for His Mom

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Southside Presbyterian Church's Rev. Alison Harrington is headed to D.C. with Rosa Robles Loreto's oldest son, Gerardo Jr.

Robles Loreto has been living in sanctuary at Southside for seven months to avoid deportation.

Harrington and Gerardo are there to meet with Immigration and Customs Enforcement representatives, Congress men and women and immigration advocacy groups.

ICE said last month that, although her removal order isn't a priority, her case is still, very much, open. Jon Gurule, ICE's Detention and Removal Operations deputy field office director in Arizona, informed Robles Loreto's attorney, Margo Cowan, he would not be closing her case.

After hearing those news, Robles Loreto's supporters launched a new campaign, "We Stand With Rosa," to continue pressuring immigration officials, and even President Obama, to close her case.

The Department of Homeland Security has said that cases like Robles Loreto's are not a priority—she doesn't have a criminal record and her children will, hopefully, get to apply for the extension of DACA soon (the immigration action was temporarily blocked by a federal judge in Texas). 

In his 2014 executive order, Obama reinforced that the feds should focus on deporting criminals not separating families.

But the days keep moving, and Robles Loreto still isn't home with her husband and two children. 

Gerardo has been to D.C. before to advocate for his mom, so he definitely knows what he's doing at the very tender age of 11. 

When I met him in February, he said he and his brother, sometimes, forget their mom isn't home.

The two are baseball fanatics, and miss their mom driving them to practice and watching their games. 

Cowan, Harrington and other allies have a petition going around to reach out to DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson and ICE Director Sarah Saldaña. They said the longer Robles Loreto is in sanctuary, they will keep moving up the list of officials, get closer to the White House, until Robles Loreto can go home.

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