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One Petition, Two Facebook Pages: Can Arizona Recall Doug Ducey?

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Two months into office and there is, already, a symbolic petition to recall Gov. Doug Ducey, along with two Facebook pages that I know of also trying to get that dude back in the ice cream business and out of the governing a state business. Nothing has been filed with state election officials, this isn't an actual campaign, and I explained what the recall process is like in this other post.

You can choose between Recall Ducey and Get Rid of Arizona's New Governor (my favorite because it has the slogan "They said I could be whatever I want so I became a Douchebag.")

The petition on, created by Shannon W. from Prescott Valley, has more than 6,200 signatures right now  (3:45 p.m.). Supporters are, of course, citing his budget proposal as a major reason, then there's "I didn't vote for Ducey and he has proven I was correct."

"We need someone to make decisions based off of what the people of Arizona want, NOT what he wants. Education comes first, no matter what. You cannot jeopardize the future of our children just to have a little extra cash," Tucsonan Victoria Russell says on the website. There are also voices from Mesa, Prescott, Kingman, truly every corner of the state.

The recall petition. Worth mentioning this "recall petition" is symbolic:
We, the qualified electors of the State of Arizona, from which Doug Ducey, Governor, was elected, demand this recall.

The grounds for demand of this recall are as follows:

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey has made it clear that his personal interests come before the interests of the people of Arizona, especially our children. Arizonans need to take a stand and recall Governor Doug Ducey from his elected position. We deserve better.

The circulator of this petition is a volunteer circulator.

For more information on recalls in Arizona, please refer to Arizona - Const. Art. 8, §1-6; Ariz. Rev. Stat. §19-201 – 19-234.

By signing this petition, you verify that you are a registered voter of the State of Arizona and are qualified to vote in the recall election.

We need at least 376,604 valid signatures by July 5, 2015 in order to file for a recall election.

Please share and get this initiative trending. Let our voices be heard! #RecallDucey #ArizonaForEducation
Although it doesn't happen often, a recall is possible.

In Arizona, a recall against former Republican governor Evan Mecham was successful, but he was impeached for misusing state money before the recall made it on the ballot. Most recently, in 2003, ex -governor of California Joseph Graham Davis, a Democrat, was recalled over the state budget.

Can Arizona make it happen? Stay tuned.

And I have a question for people who voted for Ducey: Have any of you regretted your vote? 

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