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Stone. Cold. Doug. Ducey.

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Full disclosure. I'm so enraged by the budget Ducey and his cronies are trying to strong-arm through the legislature, hoping they can pass it before too many Republicans defect, I don't have the composure to write a careful, fact-laden post about the budget. The proposed budget is awful. It's immoral. It works against the best interests of our children and our state. If you want details, sorry, you'll have to go elsewhere.

If you're also outraged, live in Pima County and want to do something, register your complaint by calling or emailing Governor Ducey. Most likely if you're from around here, your legislators are as outraged as you are, so calling or emailing them won't do much good. The phone number is (602) 542-4331. Here's the page where you email his office.  A few words will suffice, but if you'd like help framing your message, go to the Call to Action page on the website of the newly formed group, Arizona Stands UP. You'll find a short, basic script you can either follow or use as a starting point. (Another full disclosure: I'm working with Arizona Stands UP). Helpful hint for the phone shy: if you want to call but don't want to talk directly with someone, call after hours and leave a voice message.

If you live in Pinal County or other Republican-heavy areas around the state, you can contact your legislators and urge them to vote against the budget.

About 1,000 protesters went the Capitol Thursday to stand up against the education budget cuts. A smaller group gathered around Ducey's Tucson office. School superintendents have been more vocal than usual in their complaints about the draconian cuts. So has Arizona State University President Michael Crow. (It's possible the added cuts to university funding are retaliation against Crow's strong words. If so, the idea that the governor and his legislative enforcers would punish the university system because one of its leaders spoke out could be a chilling, frightening precursor of how Republicans plan to deal with dissent.)

Things don't look good right now, but the wheel is still in spin. The ball is still in play. The time clock hasn't run out. I can't remember seeing so many people this outraged about the budget's education cuts, and there is power in numbers. Do what you can.

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