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This Is What Happens When an Arizona Republican Goes On Fox News

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It's a variation on the old joke. "An Arizona Republican walks into a Fox News studio. So, he says to the bartender newscaster..."

Mark Brnovich went on "Fox and Friends" on January 13 talking about Obama's executive action on immigration, and in the course of the interview he said,
"I know in states like Arizona it's estimated that 10 percent or more of the students in our public schools are here in the country illegally."
Big number, 10 percent. One in ten students. The Republic put the assertion to the test in one of its Fact Checks and gave it No Stars: Unsupported. Most probably our attorney general, whose job description, I'm guessing, includes being factually accurate, mixed up the immigration status of children with the status of their parents.
For Arizona, the [Pew Research Center] report estimates children with at least one undocumented immigrant parent make up 11 percent of the public-school population.
According to the Republic, the progressive Urban Institute puts the number of undocumented students in Arizona at closer to 2.2 percent. The conservative anti-immigration group, Federation for American Immigration Reform, puts it at about 5 percent. If Brnovich's number is twice what the mad dogs at FAIR say, that means he's got it really, really wrong.

But, you know, he said it on Fox News, so it's sure to become part of the legend repeated ad infinitum by the right. "On Fox News they said..." "Our attorney general said..." So it's gotta be true.

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