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Huffington Post Just Read My Mind About the Future of the Daily Show

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It's been a rough week for journalism. We lost Bob Simon and David Carr. Brian Williams' life is kind of a mess.

And Jon Stewart is breaking our hearts and leaving the Daily Show. Looking forward, it's tough to imagine the Daily Show without Jon Stewart. He's been such a huge part of our culture since I was a child—so huge, I only seem comfortable saying his name in its entirety.

Two summers ago, John Oliver and his Danger Dance showed us that the Daily Show can be damn good with a different host. But it's pretty unlikely Oliver will be stepping into that seat again. Recently, when Stephen Colbert abandoned his Report, Larry Wilmore and the Nightly Show brought the first black host to late night TV.

Now, it's time to bring a female voice to the late night scene.

From Huffington Post:
There are exactly ZERO women hosting late-night TV shows right now. Despite the significant amount of recent late-night turnover — James Corden is succeeding Craig Ferguson, Stephen Colbert's exit to take over for David Letterman made way for Larry Wilmore, Seth Meyers took over for Jimmy Fallon, and Jimmy Fallon replaced Jay Leno—not one woman has been included in the shuffle. It looks as though NBC will actually air a sitcom about a woman in late-night before they hire a woman for late-night programming.

This egregious gender gap has nothing to do with a lack of talented women out there. (Jessica Williams! Samantha Bee! Kristen Schaal! Aisha Tyler! Lizz Winstead! Amy Poehler! Tina Fey! Sarah Silverman! Ellen Degeneres! Mindy Kaling! Kristen Wiig! The list goes on... and on... and on.) I've lost count of the number "___ People Who Could Replace ____ Who Aren't White Men" lists that have been published over the last few years, so clearly there are plenty of awesome potential choices.

Man, all of those suggestions sound great, but Jessica Williams and Samantha Bee are my top picks. They're both frequent, smart contributors to the show, and they're hilarious.  

Jessica Williams might be too new to the Fake News scene, but I've been a big fans of hers since her first show when she announced she had left college to join the Daily Show. Amusingly, a Hot Tub Time Machine 2 clip dated 2025 shows Williams as the new Daily Show host (and gives me hope for the future of a Jennifer Lawrence/Meryl Streep biopic called "Streepin' it real.")

Meanwhile, I can see hilarity and gender role hijinks if Samantha Bee takes over the hosting seat and has her husband Jason Jones remain a lowly (but beloved) Daily Show correspondent.

Who can best help the Daily Show succeed after Jon Stewart jumps ship?

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