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Murs and ¡Mayday! Bring a Little Miami Hype to The Rock on Saturday

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The Strange Music collaboration of rapper Murs and Miami-based Latin hip hop group ¡Mayday! might seem like an unlikely mash-up, but both sides agree it’s all about the intensity.

“I feel like I have cannons behind me,” Murs says.

The live set-up, which you can experience for yourself at The Rock on Saturday, November 29, features all members standing and performing. Murs says the passion and energy of their live shows “has to be seen to believed.”

“It’s like when you’re playing pinball and then you get the extra ball,” Murs explains. “I’m the extra ball.”

Obviously Murs, who is known for his love of comic books, hasn’t lost his geekiness in the merger. After all, ¡Mursday! has a song called “Bitcoin Beezy.” However, both Murs and Gianni Cash of ¡Mayday! agree that the lyrical content of the ¡Mursday! project is lighter and “more laid back” than their other work.

“They add pop hooks,” Murs says. “We’re trying to bring credible music to the mainstream while not compromising our integrity.”

“We really want to get a Latin Grammy,” Cash says jokingly.

With Murs based in Tucson and ¡Mayday! having performed in the city on previous tours, the group says that they’re excited to return. Murs says he sees Tucson’s scene as one that integrates elements of hip-hop culture equally, be it graffiti, rap, or B-boy dancing. That being said, Murs admits that he’s seen first hand that the scene has some growing to do still.

“There’s a lot of self-loathing in Tucson,” Murs says. “More kids should take pride in it and stop looking at it as a second-rate city.”

While Murs and ¡Mayday! say they originally saw the ¡Mursday! project as a one time collaboration, being on the same label means they’ll be working on solo projects together in the future a lot. Currently, you can download a three-track EP from Mursday through Boost Mobile or you can check them out at The Rock with local rappers Marley B and Cash Lansky beginning at 7 p.m. on Saturday, November 29. The show is all ages with tickets available in advance for $20 through

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