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Billy Bates Screening at Loft Today with Director/Producer Q&A

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Today at the Loft Cinema, a screening of "Billy Bates," a movie from director Jennifer DeLia and producer Julie Pacino will be followed by a special Q&A with DeLia and Pacino and the movie's lead actor, James Wirt, moderated by yours truly.

The Billy Bates crew are on a 10 city tour of their movie about troubled artist, Billy Bates, walking the tight rope between brilliance and madness. Sounds like writing for an alt-weekly. OK, so more madness.

From the filmmakers:

Billy seeks solace in his beautiful lover, Kaia, an angelic singer he meets at an art show. As the two together attempt to navigate his mind-bending reality, the film becomes a cacophony of voices, music, and memories that take us through Billy’s kaleidoscopic world of underground parties, a psychotic break, and on the rise as an artist. All throughout this journey, Billy creates his newest body of work and is coined ‘the Warhol of his generation.’ Billy Bates stars James Wirt and Savannah Welch and features Margherita Missoni, Josephine de La Baume, Zoe Twitt, and Sally Golan. Music by Moby’s band The Little Death, the Trishas, the late Arthur Russell, and more. Original artwork by Burton Machen and featuring works from Andy Warhol, Damien Hirst, Jean-Michel Basquiat.

If you're interested in seeing today's screening, Sunday, Nov. 16, at the Loft, 4 p.m., you can go inline here to RSVP and receive a free pass.

An interview on MovieClub, with DeLia and Pacino, the partners discuss working together and the challenges, like almost all emerging filmmakers, they faced making this movie:

Jennifer: I’d say financing was something that was an ongoing uphill battle but we found the right partners in that so; it was definitely worth the struggle. But for independent film, financing is always something you wrestle with. With this one, we had several different investors put in different percentages of the budget and sometimes dealing with that takes you out of the creative phase but it also fuels the creativity, too, because you’re constantly answering questions and with their questions you question yourself to make sure you’re, kinda, on the right path… but financing is definitely big.

And then I think creatively the biggest challenge was honing in on the story; the actual heart of the story because I experimented with several different themes and, kind of, explored different ideas over the course of two years in kind of a documentary fashion so the story came together, unconventionally, in the creative process then what would be considered traditional filmmaking. It was… it was always something that I was dreaming about and thinking about for two years straight and it was so rewarding.

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