Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Are the Teabaggers Dead (Or Having Their Own Fiesta)?

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Earlier we pointed out that this Pima County Republican Party election fiesta has a different feel than previous election parties. There's the obvious, this is Martha's show - this is her party and her people are in charge of every aspect (yes, thank you, we finally got a table to work from, just being a whiny press person). Other Republican candidates were welcome. McSally Campaign Communications Director Patrick Ptak told us that they were told that after Martha spoke tonight and as results came in, they were welcome to speak. So far no one has taken her up on that offer. Also, excuse me, but where are Pima County Supervisors Ray Carroll and Ally Miller? That just popped in my head.

But the feel of this party is different enough to note that the norm we've seen the past few elections is just not here—where is Gabby Saucedo Mercer in her red gown accompanied by her other red-gowned friends? Where ... well, where are the other GOP candidates, besides Rep. Ethan Orr?

Last campaign season, if you recall, McSally's election didn't end well. Bar talk was negative, and the teabaggers were angry and didn't hold back their hate for the candidate. Of course, this happened last go round.

I don't know, while I miss those colorful teabaggers, and this seems like a SaddleBrooke crowd, I could get use to this, er, you know, it's rather nice and normal. I wish I could say it might change, that the night is young. But it isn't. Also the music is damn good—it's a party, and sometimes this GOP fiesta's seemed like mothballs still hung to the edges. Or the band was someone's cousin. Yeah, so kudos to you, this new McSally Republican crowd I've never seen before. Will you be back in two years?

AP called Ducey ... and most like by the end of this night, not all the ballots will be counted to call the McSally/Barber campaign, but it's damn close.

There's always tomorrow, but somehow, the color of the GOP fiesta is gone or maybe it just wasn't invited.

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