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Do You Care About Doug Ducey's Mob Family Tree?

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This isnt a member of Duceys family, but its an amusing image.
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  • This isn't a member of Ducey's family, but it's an amusing image.

The Phoenix New Times has a story by Stephen Lemons and Lance Williams about Doug Ducey's family, making a case that he's left in his past a family with deep connections to organized crime in Ohio:

But the all-American image Ducey projects, one which helped him win the primary and may help him win the general election, belies a family tree that includes two generations of his mother's family's involvement in organized crime.

That said, New Times and The Center for Investigative Reporting discovered no evidence that Ducey ever profited from the activities of his involved maternal relatives — or that the GOP candidate engaged in any criminal activity.

According to newspaper accounts and public records from various court and congressional hearings, four of Ducey's relatives in an Italian-American family called Scott (anglicized from Scotti) were involved in illegal gambling in Ohio.

Family members ran after-hours gambling clubs and participated in bookmaking, numbers-running, extortion, loan-sharking, and other lucrative illicit activities from the 1920s through the 1980s.

The candidate's maternal grandfather, William Scott (a.k.a. Bill Scotti), was a convicted bookmaker who partnered with members of the Detroit mob.

His son Billy Scott, Ducey's uncle, was a high-profile sports bookmaker in Toledo who did time in federal prison in Arizona before fleeing to the Caribbean island of Antigua, where he became an online gambling kingpin.

Uncle Billy returned to the United States in 2012 to plead guilty in federal court to international money laundering and illegal Internet wagering.

Ducey's great uncle Tony Paul Scott (a.k.a. Neufio Scott), his grandfather's brother, was among Toledo's "most legendary racketeers" and one of the "elders of the loosely knit Toledo crime family," according to the Toledo Blade, the city's daily newspaper.

During his long life, Tony Paul was arrested numerous times, incarcerated for illegal gambling and highway robbery, and eventually stripped of his U.S. citizenship, though he was allowed to remain in this country until his death in 1993.

These sins of the state treasurer's fascinating bloodline have remained unknown to the general public. Until now.

The catch is since there's basically zero provable connection ethically or financially between Ducey and some of his unsavory relatives, is this a thing we should care about? This story does cast a different light on his All-American/apple pie backstory, but doesn't really say much about his ability to run the state (although we've said plenty about that otherwise).

However, if Fred Duval's $20 DMV mistake is going to be an issue, then I suppose everything's fair game.

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