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We Take Back Our Duval Endorsement; We're W.D. Reyes Supporters Now

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Yes, we endorsed Fred Duval in the governor's race in this week's issue and yes, we probably should make sure the ice cream guy doesn't win, but if any media outlet in town should appreciate a quixotic, doomed and basically imaginary run for office, it would be the Tucson Weekly, home of Project White House, the movement of democracy that frightened the status quo so much that they changed the law.

So, in that spirit, maybe we could also suggest considering a write-in vote for W.D. Reyes, who is running a social-media campaign that's racked him up 88 likes on Facebook so far, but everyone has to start somewhere, right?

Sure, he's not actually signed up as a write-in candidate, but let's not let those technicalities halt progress. Plus, he has a snappy webpage and that's probably a better qualification that some paperwork Ken Bennett makes you sign.

Part of what makes Reyes so appealing is his honesty. He's faced some troubles (that seem remarkably similar to those of other public officials), but he's putting a positive spin on his mistakes:

Supports Local Economy

In January 2014, Reyes and his wife were indicted on 14 counts of corruption. He is alleged to have accepted over $165,000 worth of gifts from a tobacco entrepreneur in return for giving a conglomerate political aid. He used campaign contributions to fund an all-expenses-paid New York trip and shopping binge, a $50,000 two-year loan, and multiple lavish dinners and luxuries. His wife claimed that they were bankrupt. He is now known as the first governor facing criminal charges in Virginia’s 250 year history.

Supports Women in the Workforce

W.D. Reyes only lasted for six months as Mayor of San Diego before rampant allegations of sexual misconduct and harassment came to light. Three of his long-time supporters called for his resignation based on allegations that he had sexually harassed female staff members. While apologizing via video statement, he also claimed innocence and said he was seeking help for his behavior and would not resign. A total of 19 women stepped forward to continue allegations. Then he had the gall to ask the city to pay his legal fees regarding the sexual harassment lawsuit, which city council voted against. Reyes resigned and faced one felony count of false imprisonment and two misdemeanor battery charges, reaching a plea bargain for three months house arrest and three years probation.

We're listening, Candidate Reyes. You might just get our revised endorsement yet.

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