Thursday, October 2, 2014

Brewer Cuts The Legs Out From Under The "No More Money For Schools" Crowd

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If there was ever any question whether Doug Ducey will be a more conservative governor than our conservative Governor Brewer if he's elected, those questions have once again been put to rest. Brewer made it clear she thinks the state should pay the schools the $317 million they're owed. Ducey has said over and over that he wants to fight the voter-mandated payment to schools in the courts. After all, he says, money doesn't buy better education, so why not be 48th, or lower, in the amount we spend per student? Balance the budget on the backs of our children? Works for Ducey.

Conservative though Brewer may be, the legislature is well to her right, and Ducey is right there with the lege. Expect that the rare-but-important sensible measures Brewer has taken over the years won't be happening if Ducey is elected. More likely he'll work with his fellow far right wingers in the legislature to reverse whatever good Brewer has done when she's taken a few steps away from the wingnuts.

Of course, we could always elect Fred DuVal for governor, who would create a firewall against the crazies in the legislature, like Napolitano did — and the crazies weren't as crazy back then. That's always a possibility, especially if more people understand what they'll get if Ducey is our next governor.

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