Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Nicolas Cage's "Left Behind" Remake Gets Recommendation-of-Sorts From Satan

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As any regular reader of The Range knows, I am quite the fan of Christian film, so clearly I'm super psyched for the Nicolas Cage-fronted remake of Left Behind, opening this Thursday at several local theaters. Not super-psyched enough to actually pay for a ticket to the film which will likely offend both my cinematic and theological sensibilities, but at least somewhat happy for the comic relief this film will provide someday when I use a promo-code to rent it for free from Redbox.

The people behind the film are going all out to convince Christians that the movie isn't just an opportunity to cough up $10 for a few hours of entertainment, but actually an opportunity to keep your friends and family from having to experience the post-Christian hellscape shown in the film. Heck, they even got the Duck Dynasty guy to speak on its behalf:

Nice Nicolae Carpathia reference, guy who is inexplicably famous!

However, considering the spiritual importance of this film, it's clearly not enough to hope that a reality show star convinces the nation's faithful to bring the heathens they know to the theater. Sometimes you have to bring out the big guns...like the Prince of Darkness:


Well, if that doesn't convince you, I'm not sure what will. I just only hope God gives us until the end of the weekend to separate the wheat from the chaff. It would be a cruel turn of events to rapture the true believers on Wednesday before the movie comes out, after all.

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