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Tucsonan in Midst of Greatest/Worst Kickstarter Ever

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There are quite a few Tucson-based Kickstarter projects you can support right now, but clearly, the most promising option is Nick Shelby's Johann Sebastian Nickelbach project, which is entirely what it sounds like:

The reality is that Nickelback makes big, bombastic, accessible music and, whether you like it or not, that means they have something in common with U2, The Beatles, Sinatra, Richard Wagner and Johann Sebastian Bach. The Beatles, Bach, and Beethoven were all mainstream and they didn't give a flying f about it... and we don't see anybody doubting their greatness, either....

The goal is to fund this project by the time Nickelback's new album drops on November 4th and hopefully we can build on one another's momentum. If this project is successfully funded, everybody wins!!! Nickelback fans hear something that is really good and hipsters lose their minds in their abyss of irony. Nickelback gets paid to keep doing what they love and their fans will be exposed to a kind of music they may have otherwise ignored. Nickelback rocks, Bach rocks, and our orchestra is going to f'ing rock... hence NickelBACH! By naming this project in his honor, we will be compelled to remember that Johann Sebastian Bach, despite being pretty damn popular in his time, wasn't regarded as one of the world's greatest composers until long after his death.

While Shelby is somewhat concerned that the classical community might not embrace this particular project, he hopes the $100,000 he's asking for will " adequately help them overcome any misgivings about participating in this project." Classical folks aren't likely getting rich as it is, so he's probably right.

Sadly, while the project launched on Sept. 5, no one has coughed up a pledge yet, which is surprising since $25 gets your Chad Kroeger-esque growl on the record somehow, but hey, there are 38 days to go, so dreams still can come true.

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