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The Militant Baker Wants Your Help to Do Body Love Advocacy Full-Time

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Sometimes I feel blessed we got to sit down with Jes Baker in what may seem like her early days now, but really it was just the very beginning of her revolution as her Militant Baker blog gained a record-breaking following, right before she took on the Abercrombie & Fitch CEO in an open letter and her own ad campaign—Attractive and Fat.

The world seems a Militant Baker blur from that point on—with the development of the Body Love Conference, the first of it's kind bringing more than 400 women together for dozens of workshops on body acceptance. Then Baker was invited to do a Ted Talk, which was uploaded to Upworthy. Then most recently her second collaboration with Tucson photographer Liora Dudar, The Expose Project: Shedding Light on Collective Beauty, a beautiful project that's given Baker (and Dudar) even more exposure through dozens of stories in almost 48 languages.

What's become obvious is that Baker's message is needed, and what's become obvious to Baker is that this is a calling and it's time for her to focus her work on body acceptance full-time.

On Monday, Sept. 1, Baker released her latest campaign on Patreon, a crowd-source campaign to help creatives and revolutionaries figure out a way to earn a living doing what they love. Right now, Baker works full-time for a local mental health organization, and she's been honest—she wants to quit to focus on all the good that's come from The Militant Baker, the Body Love Conference and more.

Patreon, like Kickstarter and GoFundMe, allows you to make a donation, but not just a regular donation—what you can afford monthly. Kind of like a work-place giving campaign. Baker has a couple of goals set. The first is to get $1,600 in monthly contributions so she can do her work and feed her cats, the other is larger sum that could help her hire an assistant. This woman gets email like you can't imagine.

Anyway, here's a link to Baker's Patreon campaign. And more from the Militant Baker below the cut on this next stage of her dream, what that means for her and what that means for us:

My advocacy started with a blog, which I then used as a platform to write a million things... including an open letter to Abercrombie's CEO. Along with a killer photographer, I made a visual counter campaign that exploded and reached millions of people across the world! You can check out the Today show's coverage as well as CNN's, E!'s, USA Today's, Time Magazine's, and a bunch more if you missed it.

This then gave me the opportunity to create the first ever Body Love Conference which hosted dozens of our world's biggest body love names and we were joined by 400 participants! We're hard at work, planning one for this upcoming year and I can't wait!

Following these successes, I was able to do a TED talk, several giant photo shoots that gained international acclaim, start a body love book club, host local events, AND continue to write inspirational content for the blog. All of this while working a full time job! Yes, I am as impressed as you are.

While I love working in the mental health field, I'm ready to leave and invest ALL of my time into body love advocacy! That's my calling, so I'm taking a GIANT leap, quitting the 9-5 and doing more of what is important to all of us. I want to help women (and men and everyone inbetween) learn to love themselves just as they are, right now.

Patreon is a kick ass way to support me in this mission! It's a platform that allows you to contribute whatever amount you would like each month. It could be a little and it could be a lot! My content will always be free, but the contributions will go towards allowing me to have time to do MORE; it will support me in my mission to make the world a better place!

Viva la Baker!

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