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Most Of The Left And Some Of The Right Agree: Police Are Over-Militarized

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When I wrote the post, Militarizing Cities, Criminalizing Schools, following the first few days of protests in Ferguson, one commenter said it was an "extremely biased column against law enforcement." Another said I had a "Ward and June on 'Leave It To Beaver'" mentality (I kinda liked that one). I wrote a similar column in the Explorer and was called a "loyal Democrat and consummate liberal" — guilty as charged — who is "detached from reality, a condition which plagues progressives" — hey, wait a minute! I even had a two page, hand written letter sent to my home telling me how awful I am with an attached article proving that Obama is "tied to a surreptitious socialist/communist revolution and [has] strong leanings toward Islamic causes, and perhaps, he is a non-acknowledging Muslim himself."

Good times.

Well, it's beginning to look like some people who lean right are just as biased against law enforcement and detached from reality as I am, because they're complaining about the over-militarization of our police forces as well. The latest example is in the REDBLUE AMERICA series in the Star where they run two columns, one from the left, another from the right on a single topic. Today's topic: Are America’s police over-militarized and under-accountable? The liberal guy said yes. The conservative guy also said yes.

Says Joel Mathis on the left:

For all our national polarization, here is one good thing to come out of the events in Ferguson: Liberals and the libertarian right can use this moment to make common cause against the excesses of policing in our country.

Says Ben Boychuk on the right:

Yes, far too many police departments have gone overboard with the military equipment. On that point, liberals and conservatives should be in broad agreement.

The Ferguson police looked like soldiers not cops — occupiers, not protectors. Using armored vehicles for crowd control, as the police did in Ferguson before the Highway Patrol took over, only reinforces an “us versus them” mentality — with “us” being the police and “them” being everyone else.

Say I: The moon is in the Seventh House, and Jupiter aligns with Mars. Peace will guide the planets, and love will steer the stars.

OK, OK, a little early for the Age of Aquarius, but having an area where many of us on both sides of the political spectrum agree is something, right?

L-e-t-t-t the sunshine. L-e-t-t-t the sun shine in.

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