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A Letter from Pamela Williams

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In this week’s issue we ran a story on how brothers Miguel and Diego Carter (Bright Spot) met their father because of a story published in the Tucson Weekly about their mother’s trial and case in Pinal County (Fighting for Mom).

Their mother Pamela Williams has written to me several times since the first story. We’ve been trying to arrange a phone call through her AZ Department of Corrections counselor the past few months and speed up the visitation process. Because of the length of time and delay, her latest letter is meant to tell her side of the story—something we weren’t able to do the first time around. Instead we depended on a combination of court records, interviews with family and friends and an interview with the court-appointed investigator.

Back then we tried to arrange interview with the Pinal County Sheriff’s Department and the prosecutor’s office, as well as her defense attorney. No one returned our calls.

Anyway, after the jump you can read the letter from Pamela, currently in the state prison in Florence, with her own corrections and perspective on what took place the night of Jan. 4, 2013. Her letters are hand-written, so not every word was always legible. Williams did end up receiving the transcripts of her trial just recently and we'll be going over those transcript with Miguel this week and continue to follow Williams' story.

Dear Mari —

Again I am WAITing for permission to speak with you — so — I’m writing instead.

Beginning of first page of “Fighting for Mom,” 4th paragraph: I have one — one complaint against the (neighbors) where a sheriff came to my house and said there’s nothing I could do but take em to court. So I did 7/11/12. Then their abuse increased. They’d poison my dogs & beat em while I was at work every days. They disconnect my pressure tank so I’d have no water inside my home. And they’d steal whatever they could from the building materials & machines outside the shed and home. There never was a time when I was referred to as “a crazy old lady.” I even went to talk to (sic) a PCSU sheriff who lives on (in the area). I asked him “What can I do about my neighbors shooting off their guns all the time of the day & night?” He said, “that’s why people move out there — to shoot their guns off,” and gave me the telephone number for my one call to PCSO to get help.

On top of page 16 — there was no odor of marijuana and the house was “outside the perimeter of the arrest.” There was no search warrant. Period. Not until much much later at 11 p.m. (The neighbor's son) had trespassed along with (his friend) for 7 to 8 years prior to the “argument,” that brought seven sheriffs and posse members to my home 20-25 minutes after my quarrel with (the neighbor's son). I was feeding my chickens at 5:34 p.m. when I saw the Fays back by my well. I got my .22 and shot into the ground two times. Those two bullets were later retrieved by court appointed investigator Patrick Cote; former police chief of Florence.

On Page 16, 2nd paragraph, it say I was in PCSU for 230 days—it was 323 days. The marijuana charge was “fruit from the poisonous tree: as the illegal search was just that. And the pot in system was second hand smoke and registered as so. The “expert” way over shot my percentage in blood and it was never corrected but built upon to make me look out of hand OUT OF CONTROL.

My sentence for aggravated assault against a police officer is made up and placed (sic) on the “pot intake” statement. As mentioned under “Starry starry night” the time is wrong It was 5:34 p.m. and there was never a flashlight. After Ruiz had his pistol out and held with both hands as stated by him in court. NO FLASHLIGHT EVER. 3rd Column 3rd paragraph page 16, the (Neighbors) were there. Officer Ruiz NEVER IDENTIFIED HIMSELF — EVER.

At my 4 day trail (Neighbor son’s) mother stated and stated raising her hand to god that I said, “I would get him.” In your article it states I said “I will kill him.” NOT TRUE AT ALL EVER. I take spiders outside for god’s sake. (Neighbor's son was) arrested on a DV case 2 years old was out next day with 17 counts on his rap sheet. I was denied bail in the beginning and directed to a Judge Gooday on 3/5/13 for a Simpson/bond release hearing before Judge Carter — which I was supposed to be seen by Judge Carter at 3 p.m. I was held in the POD until 4:20 p.m. and then seen by Judge Gooday — a known no-gun advocate. The Simpson hearing turned into a two hour evidentiary hearing. Those notes were prepared by Matt Long in a little book and handed to him the first day of my trial. Judge Johnson was already retired and yet — my trial — instead of going before Judge Carter Olsen — was again shifted to yet another judge.

Matt Long had me in front of five different judges in 2012. From Callahan to Olsen to Gooday to Reynolds to Johnson. His entire ploy was to draw out my five month speedy trial into an 11 month assassination. At the last sentence on page 16 it was stated that Patrick Cote was the investigator. Cote had OVER 75 hours of investigation that my lawyer never used. Paul Green fed me piece by piece to the (sic) of PCSO. It was the first case of their new challenge to make laws tougher on criminals. In fear for my life I put two bullets into the ground. Dept. Ruiz was never where he said he was. It is not just “difficult” to see who’s on the driveway. For the 4’10” deputy to say he was in front of my (sic) is utter ridiculousness.

2nd paragraph page 17 — OVER TIME — MY ASS — There was ONE call from me to PCSO — (sic). 3rd paragraph — details than case #2 (sic) to use in trial #1. There was no ASSAULT riffle, but a pump action rifle with ½ box of birdshot.

The “Realtor” moved (sic) from across my driveway with “NO TRESPASSING” signs every 50 feet. She again got out of her vehicle to move a little kids table with “No Trespassing” sign on it. They drove up to my well and I therefore believed them to be the (neighbors). In paragraph 6 you say you quote a neighbor who said “I was a little out there,” what did he mean by that—because I never shot a dog. Ever, ever, ever. These two women drive away at 10 miles an hour and didn’t report the incident until the next afternoon. Calls returned to them by PCSO were never answered or returned.

If they were “so scared” as they testified at my trial to have PTSD why didn’t’ they pursue this. It’s because one of them had a gun with her and they knew they trespassed on someone’s land and were coached by Matt Long to testify having PTSD and read yet another letter at my sentencing reviewing their fear and PTSD. This was absurd Mari.

I never fired at Deputy Ruiz. I had my gun pointed down, so flash was ever produced. On Page 18 — that photo was after my bed had been tossed. That wasn’t fair to show that as “how she left it.” Page 18, 2nd paragraph — assault charge where — ever — when — ever — a shot is fired? 2nd paragraph, 2nd column, “After she consumed marijuana??” That never happened Mari. I did not smoke prior to this — I’d just gotten home and was feeding my animals.

3rd paragraph — “When deputy is walking to investigate a crime? Ruiz at trail started when he was getting clos eto a crime scene he turned his siren and (sic) off so as not to announce his presence on a crime scene. Yet in my case — he screamed at the top of his lung?” My neighbor who was standing 20 feet from him said he never cried out at all (Sheriff Ruiz). My side must be told Mari.

On page 19 — wild wild west statement is out of context. “When a criminal shoots a cop: is out of context and (sic) his opinion. And when talking about Cohen saying “he would’ve heard a sherriff call out — needs to be expanded upon. And Mari Diego is my middle son, not my eldest. Miguel is my warrior son.

As of today PCSO has not ordered or offered the trail testimony my lawyer ... in Globe, AZ asked for. I need the following: 1) testimony from tiral dated 10/29. 10/30 10/31 and 11/1. I still do not have a copy of the jury voir dire selection process.

Again my lawyer and PCSO are trying to keep me here.

And my Constitutional Rights made (sic) to me. How (sic) amendments.

PS Mari — there are so many holes in my case. It’s insane. But now they won’t give my lawyer the transcripts from the trails. HELP

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