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2 Tucson Crowdfunding Campaigns Worth Your Support

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1) After losing 200+ pounds, Tucsonan Amie Gabusi wants to fully enjoy her new body and the outlook that comes with it, but the weight loss has left her with loose skin and the need for surgery and a breast augmentation.

She needs $15,000. From her gofundme page:

In no way am I exaggerating, my highest weight when I was 18 years old was 417 pounds. After my lapband surgery, years of changing my lifestyle and a lot of hard work I am happy to say that I am much happier and healthier. The only downside to losing over 200 pounds is that sadly the skin is left loose and without elasticity. Two years ago I had amazing help from my my family and was able to have my stomach and arms operated on and have the excess skin removed. The plan has always been to have the second part of my surgery which includes my legs and of course my breasts. I take pride in my body having curves and I simply want a proportional looking body after all of my hard work to lose weight. This surgery means a lot to me because after such a dramatic weight loss, I want to have the body I've been working for. I have included some of the rate pictures of me at my highest weight.

2) Mikronis family started a YouCaring campaign to raise funds to purchase a service dog for their son Jimmy who has autism. The $5,000 they need will pay for the dog, as well as training.

More than $1,300 has been raised thus far. From their campaign page:

After much thought and dedicated research, we decided that Jimmy needs an autism service dog.
Many of us have watched the news to hear of some report of yet another child with autism wandering away.
More times than not these reports end tragically with the death of the child.
My child is not disposable. Jimmy is a very trusting child with NO sense of danger.
Jimmy would never think a stranger would want to hurt him, cars, parking lots, WATER, other children, etc.
An autism service dog would protect Jimmy from his own high risk behaviors and those unknown risks in our environment. And allow our family to participate in more outings in the community without fear of Jimmy wandering away. This would give me some level of relief from always being on high alert when out with Jimmy.
Jimmy also has a high sensory demands for deep pressure and calming activities. An autism service dog will be trained to provide those needed sensations for Jimmy upon demand and instinctively.
I have set up a fundraising page to help raise $5000 to purchase a puppy and provide all necessary training,supplies (vests, training supplies, testing), and certifications. I am purchasing a beautiful dog that will grow with Jimmy.
Training will be through Handi-Dogs in Tucson. Their website is
Thank you for your love, support and generosity.

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