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Of Course, John Huppenthal Commented on TucsonWeekly.com As Well

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An old photo, but still hilarious
  • An old photo, but still hilarious

While we didn't get the racist stupidity that Superintendent John Huppenthal pseudonymously posted on Espresso Pundit...

However, we are now going to see the dark side of controlling immigration - fewer jobs for caucasions. In an improving economy, free flowing immigration creates more jobs for caucasions, not fewer. Economic growth is one part productivity growth and 2 parts population growth. Caucasians aren't reproducing themselves, so all population growth has to be immigration.

We are condemning ourselves to a second rate future if we don't reestablish the melting pot with a strong flow of immigrants engaging in economic activity, not crime.

We all need to stomp out balkanization. No spanish radio stations, no spanish billboards, no spanish tv stations, no spanish newspapers. This is America, speak English....

I don't mind them selling Mexican food as long as the menus are mostly in English.

And, I'm not being humorous or racist. A lot is at stake here.

Or on the same site, a defense of Jared Loughner (wait, what?):

Jared Loughner's act was logical once you understand what he was thinking. He just wasnt' very good at articulating his thoughts but those thoughts and the intensity of which he partook of them gave him an incredible sense of superiority over us mere mortals. A nihilist, Loughner feels that we are all so many inconsequential flecks of dust and that his act had no meaning at all. Not much discussion of holding these philosophies accountable for this debacle.

...TucsonWeekly.com did get its share of comments from Falcon9, one of Huppenthal's known online alter-egos. Feel free to look through them yourself, but it is fascinating to see an elected official going to such strange lengths to defend himself.

Also, it's a little depressing to see the man in charge (for now?) of Arizona's public schools basically admitting he doesn't really have a plan to improve the schools most of our children attend. After all, all the ideas have been tried already, right?:

Public schools aren't working at all for a good solid 30% of students. All of your ideas have been tried and failed. Huppenthal is doing what works in America - competition.

Seriously, what's it going to take to get this guy to resign?

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