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Orr, Maybe He's Just Not Ready For Prime Time

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Ethan Orr's campaign signs are still up, even though he's on notice they're not supposed to be there for at least another week. I took this pic at the corner of La Cholla and River today, along with two others you can see later in the post. It kinda makes you wonder about his ability to focus, his attention to detail.

Republican Rep. Ethan Orr will be facing some stiff opposition in the Legislative District 9 race from two Democrats, Rep. Victoria Steele and Dr. Randy Friese. If Orr makes it on the ballot, that is. A lawsuit claims he's short a number of qualified signatures on his nominating petitions.

If he weathers the signature challenge, Orr still has to explain his employment situation to voters. He's no longer executive director of the nonprofit, Linkages. And the explanation he gave to the reporter doesn't speak well for his time management skills.

Orr said the dual positions — serving full-time as Linkages’ executive director in Tucson and part-time as a state legislator in Phoenix — became too difficult to manage.

After admitting he couldn't figure out how to juggle the two positions, Orr said he's planning to launch a new nonprofit. That's going to be easier than his long-standing position at Linkages, how, exactly? He needs to find funding, hire some competent employees and launch the business. Sounds like he's making his life more difficult to manage, not less.


And then there's those pesky signs. Orr has had plenty of time to take them down, but as I was driving around doing errands this morning, I encountered three: two on River, at La Cholla and La Canada, and one more at Orange Grove and 1st.


Sounds to me like Ethan has a few too many things on his mind to give all of them — or any of them — the attention they deserve.

UPDATE: According to Jim Nintzel, Orr may survive the signature challenge.

[T]he Pima County Recorder’s Office has reviewed the challenged signatures and determined that the freshman Republican lawmaker turned in 393 valid signatures, so Orr may have cleared the hurdle.

Nintzel wrote an excellent piece about Orr and the various challenges he's facing, going into more detail than other reports I've read. That's why they call Jim a "journalist," and a damn good one at that.

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