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Hero of the Week: Claire Gruenke

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The news is usually focused on hate, corruption, and crime, but not all is lost. While your favorite athlete was thanking his ex-girlfriend for boosting his draft stock by refusing to take the stand, an everyday hero was at work.

Claire and Chloe
  • Claire and Chloe

Our story begins in Trenton, Illinois. Chloe Gruenke was running at the middle school state track meet when she got hurt. On the ground and unsure of her injury, she was emotionally crushed as she began to realize that she wouldn't be able to finish. Luckily, a hero was there and didn't just help her with her injury, but helped her finish the race. The surprising part is how it was done. Unless you saw the image posted above. You can probably give a pretty good guess if you did.

Chloe Gruenke was running the 800 meter race in the Illinois state track meet when felt a sharp pain in her leg and wondered what had happened. She tried to run through the pain until realizing it was too strong, then fell down on the track. This is where her twin sister, Claire, comes in. I should mention that many people already have difficulty telling twins apart and that naming twins Claire and Chloe definitely won't cause even more confusion for everyone else throughout the entirety of your daughters' lives, so a big thanks to mom and dad.

Claire was running the race as well, but stopped mid-race to help her sister. When Chloe explained that she wouldn't be able to finish the race, Claire picked her up and finished the race with her sister on her back. Amazingly, they still finished in first place* in the most unorthodox finish since Ricky Bobby's heyday.

In summary, Claire is a hero. While she wasn't putting herself in mortal danger like America's most selfless hero, she gave up her only chance this year at winning state so that her sister could just finish. It will be 364 more days until she is able to try again at the finals, but to her it was all worth it. Claire and Chloe amazingly weren't the only winners that day, as everyone in the crowd witnessed an inspiring act of love and companionship that is certain to inspire them in their own lives or something.

You can read the original story here. The story contains a video that automatically starts.

Until next week, may all your dreams come true.

*Just kidding. They finished last.

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