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Hero of the Week: Christy Harding

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While the news is usually focused on hate, corruption, and crime, not all is lost. While your favorite businessman was discovering that having a biracial girlfriend and owning a basketball team isn't really a great idea if you're a married racist man, an everyday hero was at work.

Christy Harding
  • Christy Harding

Our story begins in Jacksonville, Florida, where the water is warm enough to go ocean kayaking in the dead of winter when a hurricane hits further down the coast and the waves are gigantic. Or so I've heard. A two-year-old girl named Ashley was diagnosed with a potentially fatal disease and needed a new kidney to survive, so her mom posted a facebook ad looking for a donor.

This week's hero is Christy. Christy was at her job, EARNING $$$$$$ ONLINE WITHOUT LEAVING HOME! NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!, when she saw the facebook ad looking for someone with Type-0 blood. Christy jumped on the opportunity, knowing that she had been blessed with Type-0 blood instead of being one of those AB-negative scumbags. In one fell swoop she heroically clicked on the ad, read through it a little bit, checked around online to make sure it wasn't a scam, researched Ashley's disease and then found a summary in plain English, then contacted Ashley's mother. Christy had never met Ashley or her mother and they weren't distantly related. She had never known they existed until seeing the facebook post. After the initial email, the details were quickly arranged and Christy went from Florida to Minnesota on Monday to meet the family and perform medical tests. The surgery has yet to take place, but the tests so far have been positive and everyone involved is still preparing for the surgery to happen.

In summary, Christy is a hero. She drove sorta across the country to donate her kidney to someone she's never met, expecting nothing in return. As to her motivation, Christy had a young daughter too and feels that her daughter inspired her decision. She explained, "I can't imagine waiting for that phone call for someone to say, 'Yes. Someone has made the decision to save your daughter's life.'" While Ashley is expected to recover from a potentially fatal disease, she isn't the only daughter to be greatly blessed this week. With the newfound strength and courage of her mother inspiring her, Christy's daughter too will grow to be stronger than any challenge she will ever face or something.

Read the original story here.

I too heroically donated a kidney after responding to an online ad once, undergoing the operation in a parking lot in the warehouse district. I also donated my wallet and phone that night while never even demanding the iPad I had originally arranged to buy. Heroes surround us.

Until next week, may all your dreams come true.

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