Wednesday, April 30, 2014

D-Backs Fans Need Love, Too

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It's been a rough 2014 season so far for Arizona Diamondbacks fans. I'm a casual one, at best, but even in that respect it's been painful to watch a team that seemed like it was going to be good faceplant its way to a Major League Baseball-worst 8-22 record.

That's including an abysmal 2-15 mark at Chase Field in Phoenix, where you'd think the D-Backs would have an advantage playing in the friendly confines of their oversized airplane hangar retractable-roof stadium.

While there are diehard fans in every sport, baseball ones might be the most devoted because of the sheer number of games they must commit themselves to watching and/or following. And when that involves cheering for a team that is worse than the latest NBC comedy, that will lead to a lot of sad, empty nights.

Thankfully, the folks over at have your backs. They'll hope to have your wallet soon, too.

The popular online dating Web site has created a subset of its treasure trove of internet-based love-seekers specifically for Diamondbacks fans, as well as for fans of every other Major League Baseball team. (No word on whether you can cross into other fanbases, thus being able to become one of those oh-so-cute couples who attend games in jerseys from both participating teams)

It's not a bad idea to try and use a similar interest such as the soul-sucking activity of rooting for a bottom feeder to bring people together. I mean, think of the possibilities:

* Dates could involve attending games together, and after the D-Backs are behind by seven runs after three innings you can move down into better seats abandoned by the schlubs who paid big money to be near the field but who decided clubbing was more interesting.

* And if you're watching together at home, there's someone there to be consoled by, or to console, then one thing leads to another and ... WILD, ANGRY WHY-DO-THE-DBACKS-SUCK-SO-BAD SEX!

So, the next time you're channel surfing and you come across the latest blowout D-Backs game, remember that it doesn't have to be all bad. There's someone else out there feeling just as crummy, just waiting to meet you.

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