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'The Image Revolution' and Comic Con at The Loft

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20 years ago, Marvel's best artists quit so they could have control of their ideas and reap the financial benefits of their work. Their departure spawned a revolution for independent publishers and creators that changed—for better or for worse—the comic book industry forever. The filmmakers that brought you the critically acclaimed Grant Morrison: Talking With Gods and Warren Ellis: Captured Ghosts are back with The Image Revolution:

Image began as more than just a publisher - it was a response to years of creator mistreatment, and it changed comics forever. The Image Revolution tells the story of Image Comics, from its founders' work at Marvel, through Image's early success, company difficulties during the comics market implosion, and ultimately the publisher's new generation of properties like The Walking Dead. Filled with colorful characters, the film includes interviews with Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman, Spawn creator Todd McFarlane, as well as Walking Dead cast members Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus. The Image Revolution is a documentary about the American ideal of entrepreneurship and personal freedom, and the challenge of maintaining integrity in the face of success. It is also a clarion call to all artists to take control of their own destiny.

You can catch this film on the big screen for one night only on Monday, March 24, at The Loft Cinema, 3233 E. Speedway Blvd. There will be a mini comic-con located in The Loft's patio before the showing at 5:30 p.m. You can meet local comic book writers, artist and cartoonist that have self-published their own comics. The special guests include Adam Yeater, Danny Martin, Arnie Bermudez, Ryan Huna Smith, Thomas Keith, Gene Hall, Jacob Breckenridge, Ross Demma and Jenn Hopkins. Mitch Moen will showcase some art by Rob Osborne and other local fine artists.

Red Meat Creator Max Cannon will be the guest of honor.

Patrick Meaney and Jordan Rennert, filmmakers, will be available for a Skype Q&A after the film. Marisa Stotter and the Respect Films and Sequart Art team recently surpassed their goal of $41,500 to start filming She Makes Comics. Their new comic book documentary focuses on female comic book creators, historians and readers. There are three days left to help them reach their $50K stretch goal.

Tickets for the Image Revolution are $8, $6 for Loft members. Click here for more information.

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